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Mailbox Folder Replication


Using the Mimecast Synchronization Engine (MSE) application, the Mailbox Folder Replication feature uses native Exchange entry points to extract folder and message meta data from Exchange mailboxes and submit this data to the Mimecast platform, where it is archived and made available to end users via Mimecast applications.

Why Use Mailbox Folder Replication?

Mailbox Folder Replication empowers your users to access their archived messages and archived messages of a delegate mailbox in the same familiar, structured format as their mailbox during a mail server outage, or if data has been removed from the Exchange server. This allows you as the administrator to confidently manage your on premise mailbox storage to fit your business needs, safe in the knowledge that users will have access to archived messages in a familiar view using Mimecast applications.

Important Note: Emails with the Sensitivity marked by the user as Personal or Private will not be replicated to Mimecast.


The diagram below outlines the data flow from Exchange mailbox to the Mimecast platform:

Folders workflow corp.png

Getting Started

Implementing Mailbox Folder Replication is a 3 staged process:

  1. Prepare your environment
  2. Install and Configure MSE
  3. Configure the service in the Mimecast Administration Console


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